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What Happens When We Send Our Anger at Someone Else?

Sometimes during an interaction with someone we find that our anger is triggered. At other times, we remember a past event and the same thing happens. At times, we create stories in which we are giving another person a piece of our mind. We are telling them what they did or [...]

You Are Always Responsible for How You Feel

‘I don’t suppress emotion, I always express it’, ‘I say how I feel’. I hear this many times especially from people who often project their emotions onto others. I have also been guilty of this many times myself. We think that by expressing our emotion we are free from it and [...]

Using Feelings and Emotions as a Guidance Mechanism

Feelings and emotions are nature’s guidance mechanism. They are there to tell us whether our thoughts are in line with the highest truth. They tell us about our perception and whether it is in line with truth or not. In fact, any feeling is immediate feedback about our perception of the [...]

COURAGE AND FREE WILL, Turning Adversity into Victory

In April 2016 I travelled to Paris to attend Dr Joe Dispenza’s Progressive Workshop with my mentor and had a thoroughly meaningful experience: learning more about neuroplasticity and encountering a new perspective on psychosynthesis, a lifelong aspiration in my journey of Self-discovery. Therefore, when I became aware of the Advanced Workshop [...]

Letting Go and Synchronicity in the Australian Sun

It is August of 2016. I am in the process of attaining my Permanent Residency in Australia, after handing in all the documentation, fulfilling all the government criteria and jumping through far too many hoops. It is now in the hands of the universe. I surrender and release as there is now no [...]

Shining the Light on our Subconscious Feelings

I found the article ‘The Importance of Honesty in Letting Go” a very honest and revealing article about feelings and attitudes that so often we are unaware of holding us back. So I looked at my own thoughts and feelings about my past. I realised, although I walked away from a [...]

The Importance of Honesty in Letting Go

Over the past few weeks I have noticed that one of the keys in any form of letting go is honesty. This was something that I knew intellectually but as you work with the deeper aspects of yourself you begin to understand that the more honest you are with yourself the [...]

Healing my Back Pain through Emotional Release

Without the following experience, I may never have started my experiential journey of emotional release. Before then it was all intellectual. I had read that emotional release could cure illnesses, relieve muscular pain and other fascinating stories but to me these were just concepts. I had invested myself into those concepts [...]

Healing my Shoulder Pain through Emotional Release

For the past year and 3 months I have been carrying around a chronic shoulder injury. It came about after having fallen whilst ice skating. It was a sharp stabbing pain which I thought would go away within a few days. However, over the past 15 months the pain never disappeared. [...]