Sometimes during an interaction with someone we find that our anger is triggered. At other times, we remember a past event and the same thing happens. At times, we create stories in which we are giving another person a piece of our mind. We are telling them what they did or didn’t do and how they should feel regretful, shameful etc.

However, what happens within our minds is of real importance. When we send anger to others we do not do it to the actual person but to an image we have of them in our minds. We create an image of the guilty party and then in our minds eye we send abuse to that image.

This is important to understand because the image we have of that person is not the real person. That image is part of our mind. If it is part of our mind, then it follows that when we send anger to that image we are sending anger to another part of our mind.

If we are sending anger to another part of the mind, then we are also the recipient of that anger. i.e. we are creating suffering in ourselves.

This process applies even if that person is standing right in front of us. We think we are sending anger to that person but what we are doing is sending anger to our own image not to the person. What we don’t realise though is that this image we have of the other person is not the person. It is a creation of our own mind.

As we do this we instantly feel the effects of that action. We feel it as anger. This is a kind of instantaneous karma and it works perfectly every single time.

Our mind is the filter which we view the world and we can always choose what filter we want to use. This choice is always down to us and what we choose will determine the quality of our emotional life. Read more on the various types of Emotional Release available.