When I first started on this process, I came across the idea that our suppressed emotions attract circumstances into our life. This was a radical notion but there was something about it that made sense to me.

The theory is that any emotion that we suppress becomes unconscious. Once it is unconscious, by its very definition we do not know it exists. If we do not know it exists, then it cannot be released. It is trapped within our body. Therefore, it must in some way, be made conscious for it to be released. The only way it can do that is for the emotion to attract circumstances into our life with a similar vibration to that of the emotion. The circumstances then ‘trigger’ the emotion, which rises to the surface of our conscious awareness. At this point, we have an opportunity to release the suppressed emotion.

Here we can make a choice. We can take responsibility for the emotion or we can project the cause of the emotion on something external to us. The mind always does the latter. However, if we can take full responsibility for that emotion without any blame, unconscious or subconscious, then we can release it. As soon as we blame the cause of the emotion on something external to us we can never fully release it. The emotion is re-suppressed and the same process happens again, perhaps later.

This suppressed emotion will continue to attract circumstances and people into our lives repeatedly until we finally take responsibility for its creation. At that point we can finally let it go, and because it no longer exists, it will not attract those situations into our lives.

This is the opposite of what most people think happens. Most people think it is the external environment that creates our emotions but what if it is the other way around? What if our suppressed emotions create our external environment and this happens for us to heal and become whole again?

An Example

Let’s suppose that we have a belief that people take advantage of us. This belief will have with it a corresponding emotion that will be trapped within our bodies. People say it is our belief that attracts the circumstances into our lives but I think from an energetic point of view, it would be more accurate to say that it is the underlying emotion and feeling created by the belief that attract the circumstances.

This emotion is unconscious and it does not sit well in our physical bodies. It needs and perhaps wants to be released. Therefore, it must attract situations where people take advantage of us so that this belief and its corresponding emotion will be made conscious. It does this so that we can finally take responsibility for it and accept that perhaps we were the creator all along.

At some point, we gain a realisation that we are the creator and when this happens the belief and its energetic component (the emotion) are released. Now we have a fresh perspective. We are no longer someone who believes we are taken advantage of. In fact, we are free to believe whatever we want to.