Here are some testimonials from workshop participants and also from individuals who see me on a one to one basis. I feel very grateful to be able to help anyone on this journey of emotional release and letting go. I often see people who have held onto to years of suppressed emotions and once they come out the other side it’s a beautiful thing. I am thankful to everyone who has attended my workshops because often their words enable me to look deeper within myself and let go of my own shadows.

Working with Daniel has been a pivotal experience for me in terms of bringing subconscious behaviours that have been hindering me in so many aspects of my life to light. His method is continually helping me to move through emotional blocks, which is cultivating a sense fairness and balance in my personal relationships. This has had immensely positive repercussions in terms of the way I perceive situations and communicate with others. I now have a simple, yet deeply effective meditative practice to use any time I feel overwhelmed or stuck in any situation. Speaking with Daniel on a regular basis reminds me of how to take full responsibility for my perspectives and actions in all experiences. I highly recommend working with him if you are interested in transcending old habits and learning a more effective way of approaching challenging circumstances in your life. It’s incredibly empowering and transformative to stand in a space of complete honesty and responsibility for oneself. He is a wonderful human who shows up as a kind and understanding friend above all. I believe if all people sincerely practiced the approach to conscious living that Daniel shares, we would know peace on earth.

– Jennifer Caravella

The Art of Letting Program has helped me to connect with my loved ones and discover the real me. Each session with Daniel was like a healthy pitstop to refuel and re-charge. He has shown me ways of living like I’ve never thought were valid before. His perspective has enhanced my view of the people and universe around me and I feel more at peace with who I am and how I feel. It has been an incredible journey so far and one that has no end. I am so grateful for the messenger that Daniel is, the one who brought me those amazing gifts of comprehension and acceptance and who is the best teacher I’ve ever had the privilege to learn from.


When I met Daniel I was so lost. I was even doubting whether or not to accept his help. I was drowning in my own emotions and thanks to Daniel I have become not just the old happy me, but a better stronger version of the old me. I am genuinely happy, stable and feel like I am in control of what can and cannot get to me. He has helped me change my mindset and through emotional release I now feel much lighter. I am forever grateful and recommend anyone and everyone to meet with Daniel.

My life has skyrocketed!

Fancy Alexandersson
Actress, Artist and Model

I enjoyed Daniel’s letting go workshop very much. Interesting and wonderful feelings came up in me. Thank you Daniel and thank you for providing an inspiring space.

Ealing, July 2020

Thank you so much for a beautiful session. You are truly a special person and its beautiful to see the impact your sessions have on people and how they help others.


To say that Daniel changed my life is an understatement. I reached out to him at what felt like the last thread in the lowest point in my life, and he gave me the gift of emotional release and accessing a profound send of introspection through our sessions together – something I now implement in every aspect of my life and in my emotional/mental processes daily. His patience, guidance and kindness is so genuine, it feels like absolute sunshine. – Thank you, thank you, thank you – a thousand times. Meeting you has been the biggest blessing I could’ve ever hoped for!


I attend Daniel’s weekly emotional release workshops and am amazed how simple and freeing the technique he uses is in helping to release some of those hidden unconscious feelings we all have so we can discover our purpose and who we really are.

Our emotions carry our conditioned beliefs and when these are released, any self-limiting blocks which are usually running in the background of our lives, fall away to reveal our true Self.

He very sensitively guides us through a process of releasing our hidden unconscious feelings which keep us tied to the past by creating blocks preventing us from being present and living in the now.

Because Daniel has experienced and lives what he is sharing, his guided ‘letting go’ meditations are very powerful in releasing feelings to discover who we really are. This is a process of changing ourselves from the inside out.

There is a great unified coherence between participants and I definitely feel freer and more peaceful within after each workshop.

Whatever your background or belief system you will find these workshops an important support system and complement to other techniques you may already be using along your own path of self-discovery.

Joe Hayes, B.Mph., B.Es.Astrol., B.Es.Psych.

Chairman of The Claregate Trust

Very powerful session. Felt so freeing and supportive. I feel like I have really learnt something about myself. It helped me to come to terms with things I have been back for years.


Thank you Daniel for your amazing help.

Your approach of emotional release really helped me the day we had our one to one session. It’s difficult to let the emotions come up when they have been suppressed for so long and I realise one session is by no way enough but I am now ready to face the problems that I feared and I am looking forward to another session some time soon!

Amazing work!
Thank you


Very relaxing, knowledgeable and understandable.


This made me think about how I handle stress and emotions. Really lovely atmosphere, very open and calming.


The Emotional Release workshop in Ealing, prepared and organised by Daniel, has been of immeasurable assistance to me in discovering and practising the technique of releasing my suppressed emotions.

My journey is only in its infancy but I not only found the group meditation invaluable but also the group discussions most enlightening.

Being in the same room as other people with varying stages of knowledge, who are on the same wave length, sharing their experiences and feelings combine to confirm that I am on the right path to inner peace.

Through these meetings I feel you have revealed to me the simple truths of my mind, of my life and opened up doors I didn’t even know were there Thank you so much Daniel.

David D. of Ealing.

I really enjoyed the session. Coming in I had been feeling anxious and stressed and I feel like now have a way of dealing with it now. I loved the friendly vibe in the group and as a young person I felt very accepted. I loved how all questions were welcomed and accepted.


Loved the workshop and would love to attend another one


I was feeling really stuck after a few months of serious meditation and breaking through very old programs. I felt a well of feelings stuck in me, that i didnt have the courage to feel alone.
I asked Dan if he could help and am truly speechless by what i experienced.

Through gentle questions to get to the layers of what was trapped, he was able to ease out what was stuck by holding a space for me to feel without judgement, from myself or him, encouraging me to feel where in my body i felt these stuck feelings and importantly what feelings lay buried beneath each one.

In a very short time i was able to move the weight of pain and sadness on my heart to a feeling of expansiveness and lightness.
Dan’s powerful gentleness and the simplicity of the process allow for the most painful of feelings to be experienced and released.
Without the courage to feel these feelings, they would stay trapped forever.

I am so thankful that there is someone as magical as Dan in the world who is helping us to do the one thing we have been taught to avoid our whole lives.
We came to earth to feel, and he is reminding us we have the courage to do it.
Thankfully we dont have to do it alone!

Thank you so much Dan.
Thank you for empowering me.
I cant wait to do this again, to release more layers!
It feels too good after!


Thanks so much for last week – it was amazing! Very beautiful. It’s such a wonderful group.


Went to see the physiotherapist on Friday and he was amazed at how much better I was. In fact he almost discharged me completely but decided it may come back! He did say that they are coming round to thinking that emotions play a huge part in pain. 

Daniel you have helped me immensely, through emotional release, and I now understand that blocked emotions can manifest in pain. I have been suffering from debilitating sciatica for 15 months and have tried many conventional and complementary therapies. Now , after two sessions with you , I feel happier, lighter and realise how unresolved emotions affect our physical selves. Thank you Daniel for giving your 100% support.


Dan has competently & kindly led me through a number of emotional release sessions now. Exploring difficult feelings resulting from the death of my mother, the ending of a relationship, ongoing depression, anger & lifelong anxiety & insecurities. Every time it has had a huge impact on my inner state resulting in a deeper understanding of my life & myself as a human being. It has been liberating to be guided safely into a place where i can face, process & release my feelings & to bring light into my life. It has helped me to let go of grief & to withstand & accept inner pain & habits in order to liberate myself & move things forwards.

Dan has aided me to a better understanding of the profound effects that our often avoided feelings & emotions have on our life experience. I think everybody should explore this work, especially if they seek to really understand themselves & to make fundamental changes in how they experience life. I cant recommend Dan enough to help guide you in this healing process.


Working with emotional release really helped me to pinpoint particular negative emotions related to a specific goal and in doing so it helped to unpick that emotion and resolve and fear attached to it. I would highly recommend this process for clearing the path to your goal.


Dear Daniel,

Thank you very much for the Skype session yesterday . The process has helped me to understand and uncover the feelings and emotions that I have been suppressed since my childhood. I couldn’t believe myself when I started to feel the tensions/pains within my body when I was uncovering my emotions one by one as well as the relief and calmness I felt when I let those feelings to pass me. The way you have conducted the session helped me to communicate my true feelings/emotions without feeling being judged. Just after one session with you, I honestly feel that I’ve learned to deal with my feelings and emotions in a better way. I truly hope that you can help others using your method. Thanks again.


Just wanted  to let you know that the inspirational session that you held the other weekend produced far-reaching results for me. I noticed that I am able to feel / see/ be in tune with others’ emotions. Also, there is also a greater deal of honesty as to how I actually feel towards others and myself, I seem to be able to “read others” underlying emotions with greater clarity.

Onward and upward.