It is August of 2016. I am in the process of attaining my Permanent Residency in Australia, after handing in all the documentation, fulfilling all the government criteria and jumping through far too many hoops. It is now in the hands of the universe. I surrender and release as there is now no more I can do to speed the process up.

It was the new Moon of August, so I sat under the night’s sky and wrote out my intentions and ideas on what I would like in the coming months. Obviously my Residency papers are in so I am praying for a quick turn over. However this was out of my hands so again I surrendered and released it. I could then concentrate on aspects around me that I could influence.  My apartment was coming up to the end of its lease, but I was going on holiday for 3 weeks and didn’t want to pay Sydney rental prices just to store my belongings. However I did want to have a home sorted for my return from holiday, so I wrote down all of the aspects I wanted. I wrote details about my new home, storage whilst I was away and did the same for all work aspects. In addition I requested some form of animal companion, and guidance on my soul path too. Then I meditated on it, surrendered and released it.

It was getting close to the end of my lease and I still didn’t have anywhere to move to or store my belongings. Two weeks out, I kept the faith, kept pushing out the doubt and anxiety, kept surrendering and releasing. 10 days out from my holiday, I had still found nothing on the internet. My new deadline of finding somewhere to stay on my return was fast approaching. Turns out, trying to find rental one month out here in Australia is quite the challenge! So I changed my approach and started talking to everyone I met, spreading the net wide to see what comes back and still nothing. It was only until I was talking to my boss Rob that things started happening. He suggested I store my belongings at our LED lighting warehouse and then move into the granny flat under his house. So on that conversation, we went and cleared a bedroom and living space along with a bathroom that day, I now had a home sorted! He offered me to stay as long as I like but I didn’t see this in my long term plans. It was more of the short term fix as he has his family upstairs and I do love my own space. However I was able to compromise due to all of the positives involved.

So I returned from my holiday in November and not only am I living with the boss but there was a big job on at work. We had to do night shifts and also team up together to change the lights in a shopping mall whilst trying to have fun in the process. From working these shifts we obviously had lots of time to talk, which is where I find out my boss Rob is going on holiday for 10 weeks from December. He offers me his whole house and not just my little granny flat to look after whilst him and the family are away!  So I lived with them for the month before they went away and then got the whole house to myself! It not only ticked all my boxes for a home to live in, but it was a great relief for them having someone living there while they were away for so long.

Image of Daniel's dog in Australia, the power of friendship to turn negative emotions in negative emotions.

Two weeks after they leave, I have the most incredible experience. I am walking along the beach and see a pack of nine dogs and puppies playing the waves; I see the owners and go over to express my gratitude for how amazing that scene made me feel.  This puppy runs out of the ocean and into my arms. It turns out he is the runt of the hunting pack and his owners can’t look after him. They say I can take him home, for free, right there and then! This was all a bit much because the week before I had stated to work colleagues that I was going to ask the boss if I can have a dog at his house. I had been yearning for a canine companion since I left home 10 years prior. One week turn around after voicing him, Jet was then in my sights. However, my adult brain kicked in and sensible Luke said you can’t take him now since you need to ask Rob to puppy proof the house. So I went and grabbed my phone whilst they finished their walk, and on their way back I approached them for the second time, again with no calling, my new puppy comes running out of the Ocean in my arms, the owners melted and said I have to take him now. I explained how I needed to sort a few things out but will be in touch when I know I can come get him. That week I got everything sorted, Rob was more than happy for me to have him in his house and his home was the perfect place for my new found companion Jet.  We both had the most incredible summer in that house.

So in January I decided to look back on what I had written, surrendered and released, back in August. I was blown away. More than 95% of the aspects were ticked. The things that were not ticked I had not thought about since writing them, so it was clearly a past non-useful thought. They too were released as needed.

I found my own little home upon their arrival. Once again incredible synchronicity was in effect . The home ticked all my boxes and these items came from a new list I made on the February new moon. I was allowed to move in on the day Rob and his family came back and I now have my own space with Jet. He also gets a garden and we can walk to work and be with each other 24/7! So him and I are now on our mission to gather information and spread this amazing frequency.

The last part of my August list was my Permanent Residency and this came to me 7 months later. On the 21st March 2017 I received my email confirming I am now a Resident of Australia. No more need for visas, they cannot deport me, and most importantly I can stay, travel and come and go freely in the country of my dreams.

All these miracles and magic come together to show a new way of living in this world. They have given me a strong  connection to Soul and this Quantum Realm of infinite possibilities. Let us all put our minds and hearts together, heal and enhance this world with these new found powers.