Feelings and emotions are nature’s guidance mechanism. They are there to tell us whether our thoughts are in line with the highest truth. They tell us about our perception and whether it is in line with truth or not. In fact, any feeling is immediate feedback about our perception of the external world.

The more we are emotionally triggered in a negative way the greater our misperception. The trick is to find how we are misperceiving. Often this will be due to an erroneous core belief about ourselves and how we relate to a specific situation. Whenever we are feeling upset we are not viewing the situation with absolute clarity. Something in our interpretation of what has happened and how it relates to us is untrue. It may initially be true for us but it is not the absolute truth.

For instance, let’s say someone decides to insult us. If we get upset, then our feelings are telling us that how we relate to this situation and our view of it is in some way fundamentally untrue. Our truth about the situation could be that they insulted us and because of this we see them in a less than perfect light. However, the fact we get upset is telling us we are not viewing this with absolute clarity. We have added extra meaning to the situation which causes us to feel hurt.

In the case above where someone insults us and we get upset, this means that we have an unknown core belief which in some way is congruent with their words. This core belief is unconscious and so is its corresponding emotion. It is also untrue. The upset feelings that appear is the feedback mechanism we can use to weed out these untrue core beliefs.

Our greatest ally in doing this is our honesty with what we believe and feel. Without this we will be stuck in a loop of repeating circumstances and emotions.

It is important though, that whatever feelings are appearing are validated and respected. Without this they will be re-suppressed and the cycle will continue. You must first acknowledge these feelings and face them. Only when you have done that will you be able to go beyond them into the place where their supporting beliefs can be questioned, broken down and let go of.

At this point you can choose to create new more empowering beliefs or consider the possibility of letting all beliefs systems dissolve.