One of the main objections I hear from people about releasing their suppressed feelings is that they will become some kind of robot. They believe that releasing their negative feelings will mean they are just an automaton, a lifeless object acting like a software program from some deep dark area of the computer world. Nothing could be further from the truth.

If you understand how the mind works you will realize that we are already programmed and we are acting from these programs all through the day. One of the ways to get out of this robotic conditioning is by releasing your emotions. Another way is by changing your belief systems but often the two processes work in tandem.

We act like robots because of our beliefs and our suppressed emotions. When we release them then we begin to regain a natural choice. We can choose to react or not to react. With our suppressed emotions locked in place we only react in one way and that way is usually as the victim.

As we release more and more, we begin to regain the innocence that was once with us. However, now we are even more evolved and conscious. For most of us, when we were a child there was a natural joy to us. This is the state that you begin to regain as you let go. We see people with more love, we see situations more clearly and we are more joyful. We don’t require others to make us happy and so we do things out of love and not for selfish means. We connect with our intuition from a deeper level.

When your negative emotions are suppressed, you cannot act out of love because each time they are triggered you act from the foundation of these emotions.

What we are doing with emotional release is removing the clouds from the blue sky, the blue sky is our true nature. If our true nature is joy, then every cloud we remove allows us to become more joyful and to become truly ourselves. As we continue this process we will eventually see there are no more clouds to remove and perhaps it is then that our true Self will be fully revealed to us.