What is the key to leadership that changes the world? There are so many books about becoming a better leader. I have read many myself. When I started my first business 18 years ago, I read everything there was about leadership. In the first three years alone, I must have read about 100 books on leadership and running a business. Some were very good but, in my mind, almost all books on leadership never went deep enough. We need to understand at the deepest possible level what we are because only then can we understand others. You must understand your true nature at the experiential level which allows you to dissolve the illusion of separation. I feel any advice on leadership which does not look at this aspect will be limited in its effectiveness. We must also understand how to get to this place.

We are often given leadership advice on how to treat others, the things that we must do and how to listen and communicate. How to act and the way we must view things. This advice is great, but it has one fundamental flaw. Often, we do not FEEL we can do these things. When we try to do them, sometimes it feels contrived, artificial, fake. There is a very good reason for this, and this is to do with what we have buried and hidden deep down inside of us. In other words, our hidden suppressed emotions. What we have buried creates this illusion of separation and therefore in order to truly become an effective leader we must release these hidden emotions. When we use emotional release to do this only then will our actions feel authentic.

When we truly feel the oneness and connectedness of life then our leadership will be based on truth. We often have glimpses of this but what I am talking about is a permanent shift. When we do this, nothing will feel fake and artificial. We will come from a different place entirely.

When we release our hidden emotions then our vision becomes crystal clear, undistorted by our unresolved issues. Leadership then comes from this place.

Our unconscious anger creates barriers. It will repel people and make us less accessible. People will be scared to tell us the truth and therefore our ability to lead will be limited by the quantity of anger we carry inside of us. For instance, if we were told not to get angry when we were a child then those emotions will still be contained within us if we did not find a way of releasing them. They will affect our communication but in a completely unconscious way and we won’t even know it. Emotional release is one way of letting that anger go in a safe effective manner.

Our suppressed grief also creates barriers. When we connect with someone there is love and often a deep bond. However, when we then finish a relationship, grief is the natural response to this disconnection. Unless we allow that grief to be processed this disconnection will continue to be experienced not just with the person we lost, but with every person and when I say every person, I mean everyone on the planet. This of course limits your ability to lead.

Releasing or integrating our suppressed emotions is therefore the key to us becoming an effective leader because the way people respond to our requests has everything to do with what we have buried deep within us. If you find that your influence is limited, then it’s because of what you have inside and only be releasing this will you become more effective. The thing to understand is that your emotions are the unconscious attractors of your leadership experience. What this means is that you will purposely attract circumstances and people designed to integrate your unconscious, unprocessed negative emotions. In other words, experiences which on the surface you don’t want. Understand that many times….

Life brings us what we need not what we want

The more we release, the more effective we lead but this kind of leadership isn’t based on intellectual concepts. It is true leadership which can only come about when we know ourselves at the level of what I talked about earlier and we can only do that when we remove those suppressed emotions and change our core beliefs. As long as we hold these emotions deep within us then we will never be able to lead effectively. We may read books and attempt to apply the concepts of good leadership, but we will be limited by our hidden suppressed feelings. Ultimately, we are looking to get to a place in leadership where we are completely free from our past and in a place which is completely authentic. This means you have to dissolve ALL beliefs systems and internal imbalances at their core level. You basically cut the root.

Emotional release and integration is that godsend that brings together a new paradigm of heart centred leadership based on truth and deep inner knowing. If we all understood how important it was to keep releasing our emotions then we would make this a priority in our business and personal life.