Emotional Release and Letting go can be applied in all areas of your life and especially in the workplace. We spend a third of our lives at work and so an understanding of this mechanism is important if we want to thrive at work. Feelings and emotions must be addressed at their core level at the very moment in which they occur.  This could be in the moment of an altercation with your colleague or when seeking a solution to a long-standing customer problem.

Without a adequate understanding of the underlying mechanisms of suppressed feelings and projection our ability to work efficiently will be severely affected. Furthermore, understanding this intellectually is never enough, we must do the work to let go of that which we have suppressed. This can be done during the working day as and when we are triggered by circumstances and people.

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If we have a great deal of suppressed anger, then this anger will be triggered by our colleagues and will come up at inopportune moments when we least expect it to. If we are not aware of the mechanism of projection then we will blame the cause of our anger to something external to us. For instance, our colleagues or our demanding boss. The problem is that we do not notice the erroneous belief that is the true cause of the anger.

What are the Benefits in Releasing these Stuffed Down Feelings?

Increased Energy –  Most of us have a huge quantity of suppressed feelings and it takes a tremendous amount of energy to hold these feelings down. Picture the energy of anger and now picture this emotion being suppressed thousands of times over the course of your lifetime. How much energy does that take from you? When you release these feelings and emotions, the energy you used to hold them down is given back to you. In addition to this the actual energy of that emotion is also returned to you. You can now use that energy to become more creative or to move forward with a project. You can also work longer hours with greater efficiency because your energy is no longer being used to suppress feelings. Clearing your emotions is therefore key!

Balance and Responsibility – Suppressed feelings cloud your judgement. Emotional people see through the lens of that emotion and as a result are more likely to react from the foundation of that feeling. Triggered frustrations are blamed on an external circumstance or person and so the true cause is never dealt with. Responsibility for the creation of that emotion is avoided and so the cycle continues. When we can see that we are the creator and so are responsible for each and every feeling that arises within us then we will change how we deal with everything and everyone around us. We begin to work on ourselves and our feelings and as we do the people and circumstances around us change to reflect our inner state. Releasing our inner feelings allows us to see things clearly free from the veil of emotional illusion. We see events and people from a balanced perspective and respond accordingly.

Solutions Become Visible – What was previously considered impossible or difficult now becomes possible. You are able to see a variety of paths towards the end goal and you begin to know intuitively what will work and what won’t. This could apply in all areas of work. Perhaps, an ongoing project or a human resources problem with an employee? Once the emotional blocks have been dissolved then new possibilities and solutions emerge. Previously those paths may have been blocked by the belief it was not possible or that he or she is a terrible boss but now with a release of those feelings the solution presents itself to you.

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With the release of those emotions these blockages are removed and the way is shown. The answers to our challenges and problems start coming more easily and intuitively.

Relationships Improve – Many times in a work environment there are a number of internal conflicts. Certain people can trigger the suppressed feelings in us very easily. For instance, the way your boss communicates with you might trigger deep feelings of insecurity and lack of self-worth. However, with emotional release therapy, these can be seen as moments of opportunity.  By first accepting and then allowing our emotions we can start letting go of these feelings as and when they arise. As we do, the quality of each and every one of our relationships start to improve. Customers who we thought were a pain now begin to change because inside we have made changes. Colleagues, who used to trigger frustration now for some reason begin to change in response to our ongoing inner work. Bosses who were previously abrupt and experts at micromanaging now have more confidence in us. This is the sign of real mastery over our emotions.

Return of Enthusiasm – Often when we have been doing a job for a long time, our enthusiasm for our work declines. We begin to count down the hours to lunchtime or to the end of the day. Almost every single person in the workplace is secretly looking forward to the end of the week. Our thoughts and feelings about our job is what causes this to happen. As we work with emotional release and continue to face our feelings, we start accepting them and then eventually start letting them go. As this happens, our natural enthusiasm for working returns. Our motivation starts to get stronger and we are now in place where we enjoy what we do not because it brings us happiness but because we have let go of the unhappiness within us.

If employers really understood how emotional release can improve their businesses, then they would do everything in their power to address this issue. In the future, letting go and emotional release therapy will become part and parcel of the working environment. Why? Because it is so effective in getting to the core of problems and challenges. In fact, I would go so far to say that it won’t just be in the workplace that it will make a huge impact. The very core of society will start to get shaken up by this understanding.