I found the article ‘The Importance of Honesty in Letting Go” a very honest and revealing article about feelings and attitudes that so often we are unaware of holding us back. So I looked at my own thoughts and feelings about my past.

I realised, although I walked away from a very comfortable life style in Southern California 41 years ago to follow my dream and my purpose, I never really was aware of some deep lingering emotions that I never let go of. I felt proud, living in England, that I had walked away from the materialism and religious fundamental beliefs my family and their Christian Religion had instilled in me, and the entrapment by the emotional incontinence of so many American women which I found offensive. There was also the whole entangled and englamoured influences of Hollywood which was also instilled in me whilst growing up. Things like, living for the expectations of everyone else and not for oneself. Although some of my closest and beloved friends are American I realised that I’ve carried around these feelings of disgust, pride and aloofness that could easily be triggered and would surface periodically.

Another attitude and feeling I had was towards the heavy New York and Brooklyn accent that would switch me off straight away to any lecturer with that heavy accent. When I first heard Hale Dwoskin this feeling surfaced but I could ignore it. But I quickly realised it was clouding my understanding of what he was saying.

Letting Go is a work in progress and I see the first step is allowing the emotions to surface and then being aware of them.

I’m grateful for your honesty.