In April 2016 I travelled to Paris to attend Dr Joe Dispenza’s Progressive Workshop with my mentor and had a thoroughly meaningful experience: learning more about neuroplasticity and encountering a new perspective on psychosynthesis, a lifelong aspiration in my journey of Self-discovery. Therefore, when I became aware of the Advanced Workshop Dr Joe was to conduct in Tampa, Florida in February 2017, and desiring to keep pace with my mentor who was planning to attend the Advanced Workshop in Bonn, Germany, I immediately registered and made my flight reservations to Tampa.

I arrived in Tampa expecting another exhilarating experience. However, at the end of the morning  emotional release session of the second day, I found myself disillusioned and totally out of rapport with everything Dr Joe was presenting. I returned to my room prepared to pack my bags and head for the airport to take the first flight back to Virginia.

Interrupting my packing, I sat down and took a good hard look at just exactly what was I really feeling: what was so dramatically different with this workshop and why was I so determined to throw in the towel? Bottom line, as I allowed myself to peel back the layers hiding the crux of my feelings, I sensed that I was again beginning to encroach upon a “space” within myself that when visited once before in my life had elicited such fear and despair that I jettisoned myself from a long established commitment. As that prior cause and misguided action quietly came into my awareness, I determined right there and then that I would not again allow myself to get one yard from the finish line and just quit out of fear of the Unknown.

I returned to the Workshop auditorium, and following that afternoon’s guided meditation Dr Joe asked if anyone had received a message or insight. As he turned and was walking away across the front of the room, with as much enthusiasm as I could muster I said, “Yes: ‘You go, girl!’” He turned with surprise and looking right at me he cracked up laughing, nodding in recognition of the authenticity of the moment.

That direct experience of guidance and encouragement from within, as well as having remained “present” during the entire 5-day Advanced Workshop, taught me the value of having the courage to stand my ground in the face of what appears to be extreme adversity/resistance, not to mention the gratitude I still have to this day for having exerted my free Will rightly for the purpose of forward motion in my journey vs. retreating in fear and denial.