The Damage Our Negative Feelings do to us

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Too many of us don’t understand the damage our feelings do to us. As children we are able to let go of each feeling as and when it arises. However, as we grow up we are taught by society that it is not appropriate to express these feelings and often we are punished if we do. The feeling, which naturally wants to leave, is held down and huge amounts of energy is required to do this. We become masters at burying our feelings.

Expressing an emotion can harm those around us so what should we do if expression is not the answer? The answer is to release it, to let it go and to do that we must have the perspective that we are responsible for the feelings and not the outside environment.  We must allow the feeling to come up from within us, embrace it totally and then let it go all without being a victim of it.

If we keep these feelings suppressed, then they can cause all manner of problems. These buried feelings cause us to see things unclearly. They cause disease. They cause us to become tired. The cause disagreements in relationships. They cause most of the violence around the world and they are the main reason the entertainment industry exists.

If we can gain the courage to face what we have buried and to let it go, then the energy we use to hold it down is given back to us. We become lighter, happier and more loving.  The world becomes a better place.
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