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Life Lessons Always Repeat Until No Longer Needed

The idea is that our life circumstance are lessons that we must learn from. The teach us about our thoughts and what we hold inside. Life will keep on attracting similar events and people into our lives until we understand how we have created this. Emotional Release allows us to gain insight into the lesson learned by first processing the emotion.


Untrue Beliefs Carry a Negative Emotional Charge

The idea is that your feelings always guide you in the direction of what is absolutely true or not, at least for your higher-self. The more unpleasant a feeling the greater the mis-perception. You can use your feelings to guide your thinking so that it is more aligned with your higher self.


Change the Lens Through Which You See the World

The idea is that we are seeing the world without clarity. We see a world which doesn’t exist because the lens which we are viewing it is obscured by our suppressed and repressed emotions. Emotions Release provides an opportunity to clean our lens and see the world in a new light.


Inner Work Changes Your Relationship with Your Child

The idea is that only by working on your own feelings and emotions can you become a strong and loving parent. As your child triggers your own emotions you can use this as an opportunity to let go of them. Each time you do your connection with your child will grow and he or she will no longer need to trigger your suppressed feelings. As this happens your love will grow from being conditional to unconditional.


The Body Stores all Unprocessed Feelings

The idea is that feelings buried alive never die. Feelings that come into our conscious awareness that we then run or hide from and then stuff down still effect our life experience. These unconscious feelings reside within our body until such a time that they are made conscious and released.


Anger is Always a Cover Emotion

The idea is that anger is never the true core emotion behind an event or circumstance. The real emotion is covered up by the anger so that the ego does not have to take responsibility for feelings. It is often too painful to see how we have created our own suffering. Underneath all anger there is often the subtle vibration of the core emotion and when you still your mind enough you will be able to detect it.


New Beliefs Change Your Emotional State

The idea is that if you change your core beliefs then any emotions which are held down by them will automatically be neutralised. They will no longer have power of you and your state of mind. Core belief work and emotional release can work together hand in hand to create the life you desire.


Embrace all Emotions Until Completion

The idea is that if you stay with a fear for long enough then eventually it will die out. We call this staying with it until completion. We can visualise this scenario and stay present with any fears that arise. Eventually all fears will run out. Once they do we will no longer be effected by them. This is the same for all feelings and emotions.


Suppressed Emotions Attract Circumstances and People

The idea is that the external world is a direct reflection of our inner world. If we are holding onto suppressed grief then the outside world will reflect this inner emotion. In fact, we will attract circumstances into our lives which trigger those deep unconscious emotions so that they can become conscious. Once conscious, we can let them go. As we keep progressing with emotional release and we keep letting go, we become lighter, happier and more heathy.



The idea is that our mind and body are in in fact one. Whatever occurs in the mind is directly reflected as a condition in the body and vice versa. Thoughts of positivity effect your body in a positive way. Thoughts of negativity will damage the body. Correct what is in the mind and the body will correct itself.



The idea is that what inhibits our ability to learn a language are the beliefs and feelings we carry of limitation. Once these are seen and let go of, our ability to learn languages improves. When all limitations are released then our learning becomes effortless. Letting go of our own self-created limitations is therefore key.


The Virtual World in our Heads

The idea is that feelings show us the difference between the world we have created in our minds and the world that exists outside of us. If we have expectations on how the world ‘should’ be then the world in our head is not congruent with what is really happening. Feelings guide us by showing us how we accurately we are viewing the world.


How we Create Our Suffering

The idea is that our thoughts about events are the true reason we suffer. Events in and among themselves do not creating suffering. The suffering is created by us thinking about the events and how we as individuals relate to them. We give added meaning to events through our thoughts.


The Outside World is a Mirror

The idea is that the world is a mirror of who you are. If within you, there is anger then the world will reflect your anger. If you are happy inside then you will see happiness in the world around you. Changing the outside world must therefore start with changing yourself. Keep letting go of limitations to see the truth in this statement.


Grief is the Gateway to Oneness

The idea is that if you want to develop a stronger connection with life then you must get in touch with any suppressed grief that is present. The same applies to relationships. If you are feeling any disconnection with any person or with all people then somewhere within you is unresolved grief and sadness. Only by being honest and finding what is hidden inside will you be able to regain the connection to life that you once had. Releasing grief is one of the most effective ways to re-establish broken relationships.


Suppressed Emotions Cause Thoughts

The idea is that suppressed emotions cause thoughts. Strong surfacing emotions will usually create a tide of thoughts which can impact you in a number of ways. Thoughts are always pointing you in the direction of healing and by getting in touch with your emotions and letting them go, you will begin to quieten your mind. Emotional release will help you in letting go of all thoughts related to that specific emotion so by releasing anger you will release angry thoughts. The very structure of the thoughts will also tell you about what emotion needs to be cleared.


All Feelings are Present Now.

The idea is that every feeling that you have ever suppressed in present in this moment. All feelings no matter what they are can be detected if the mind is still enough. Many are so ubiquitous and omnipresent that we do not even know they exist. As we still the mind through the process of meditation we begin to detect ever more subtle layers of emotion.


Suppressed Emotions Cause Illness

The idea is that most of the diseases and illnesses that we experience in every day life are created and strengthen by the very emotions we have trapped within our bodies. As these emotions are relinquished then so are the diseases that are held within our body. A true cure for an illness can only come about once the emotional body is taken into account. This will be the next level of understanding after which will occur an even deeper knowledge of the interaction between mind, body and emotions.


Blaming Mirrors

The idea is that the world is a mirror of who you are. If you blame someone or something else for who you feel then you are not taking full responsibility for the creation of that emotion. You blaming the mirror for what it is showing you about yourself.


All Fear is the Same

The idea is that different types of fear do not exist. Fear is just fear and it is all the same. The fear that causes you to be afraid of spiders is the same fear that causes you to be afraid of public speaking. As you work on letting go of any specific fear then your fear towards others things will also decrease. The same applies to all other emotions. Emotional release therapy can help in facing all your fears and all emotions.


Look inside for Love

The idea is that love is what we are. However, this love which is our ultimate nature is covered by our erroneous beliefs and suppressed emotions. These are the dark clouds covering the beautiful blue sky of our true self, our joyful self. As these clouds are removed through emotional release and inner self-enquiry, what we are begins to reveal itself to us. At this point we understand why the wisest of the wise asked us to look inside for love.


Sending our Anger to Someone Else

The idea is that when we are angry at someone, we create an image of that person in our own mind and then we send anger towards that image believing that this image is really the other person. However, the image we have of the other person is in fact just that, an image. It does not really exist. All we are really doing is sending anger at another part of our mind. Hence we create our own suffering.


Letting Go in this Moment

The idea is that all feelings and problems can be dropped right now if we really want to. We are choosing to hold on and when we see this clearly we are able to let go. The desire and will is the key determinant used to show how successful we are in letting go and emotional release.


Honesty is Key

The idea is that most of the time we are not being honest to ourselves and to others about how we are really feeling. This tactic is used to hide and avoid the emotion. We are afraid that if we are really honest then we will be forced to take off our mask, reveal our true self and feel. The most effective way in releasing emotions is to be honest and only when this happens can we start to heal. Honesty is key.


Living in Paradise

The idea is that in order to get to the light you have to clear out it’s opposite. You have to be comfortable in the dark. Facing and embracing the deepest, darkest parts of yourself will help you reinvent yourself and by letting them go you will see the light that is your true self.


Allow all Feelings to Exist

The idea is that we must accept all feelings and emotions without wanting to make them different. We must accept ourselves just the way we are. There is really no such thing as emotional release. We do not have to DO anything. All we do is open the door to our feelings and allow them time and space with no thought of changing them. As we do this, the feeling is accepted , processed and will eventually say goodbye to you.


The Source of Fear is Within You

The idea is that what we seem to be afraid of is never really so. When we meet someone who we are uncomfortable with, we never really fear them. What we fear are our own unpleasant, suppressed feelings that are triggered by that person. If we release all these feelings then we will no longer be afraid.


See the World as a Child

The idea is that only when we release all our inner suppressed emotions can we see the world clearly. Emotional release techniques will provide the door way into a world of clarity and true seeing.



The idea is that belief is the key to creation. The greater the belief, the greater your ability to manifest your desire.


Confidence Comes From Within

The idea is that if we have feelings of unworthiness and lack then we need external validation to make us feel better. However, as we let go of these suppressed feelings then we feel good naturally. We are sure of who and what we are so we do not need to be told this from others.


Embrace all resistance

The idea is that if we are experiencing blocks in our creativity then we can release them. By giving space and acceptance to these feelings they will eventually be processed. Once they are, the block will dissolve and creativity happens automatically. This can work with any blockage including learning languages or solving mathematical problems.


Feelings Buried Alive do not Die

The idea is that when we are angry at someone, we create an image of that person in our own mind and then we send anger towards that image believing that this image is really the other person. However, the image we have of the other person is in fact just that, an image. It does not really exist. All we are really doing is sending anger at another part of our mind. Hence we create our own suffering.


Anger is directed at our own mind.

The idea is that when we are angry at someone, we create an image of that person in our own mind and then we send anger towards that image believing that this image is really the other person. However, the image we have of the other person is in fact just that, an image. It does not really exist. All we are really doing is sending anger at another part of our mind. Hence we create our own suffering.