How Releasing your Suppressed Emotions can Improve your Business

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This article was originally published on LinkedIn

A friend of mine mentioned whether my last post was appropriate content for business and perhaps it would be more suitable for Facebook? I think our emotions and feelings must be addressed in all areas of life especially the workplace.

Without a proper understanding of the underlying mechanism of suppressed feelings and projection our ability to work efficiently will be severely affected. Furthermore, understanding is not enough, the work must be done to release that which we have suppressed.

The feelings that we have stuffed down affect our ability to see the things around us with clarity. If you have a great deal of suppressed anger, then your anger will be easily triggered by the people and circumstances around you. It is not your colleague or your boss that is the direct cause of your anger but rather it is what you have held down supported by some erroneous belief.

So what are the benefits in releasing these stuffed down feelings?

More energy – It takes a tremendous amount of energy to hold these feelings down. When you release them, the energy you used to hold them down is given back to you. You can use that energy to become more creative or to move forward with a project. You can work longer hours and you won’t get tired by doing so.

A balanced perspective – Suppressed feelings cloud your judgement. Emotional people see through the lens of that emotion. Releasing our inner feelings allows us to see things as they are happening and not as we believe they are happening. There is a difference.

More positive beliefs – What was previously considered impossible or difficult now becomes possible. You are able to see a variety of paths towards the end goal. Previously those paths were blocked by the belief it was not possible. With the releasing of that emotion that blockage is removed and the way is now shown.

If employers really understood how emotional suppression hinders their businesses, then everything would change.

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