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I attend Daniel’s weekly emotional release workshops and am amazed how simple and freeing the technique he uses is in helping to release some of those hidden unconscious feelings we all have so we can discover our purpose and who we really are.

Our emotions carry our conditioned beliefs and when these are released, any self-limiting blocks which are usually running in the background of our lives, fall away to reveal our true Self.

He very sensitively guides us through a process of releasing our hidden unconscious feelings which keep us tied to the past by creating blocks preventing us from being present and living in the now.

Because Daniel has experienced and lives what he is sharing, his guided ‘letting go’ meditations are very powerful in releasing feelings to discover who we really are. This is a process of changing ourselves from the inside out.

There is a great unified coherence between participants and I definitely feel freer and more peaceful within after each workshop.

Whatever your background or belief system you will find these workshops an important support system and complement to other techniques you may already be using along your own path of self-discovery.

Joe Hayes, B.Mph., B.Es.Astrol., B.Es.Psych.

Chairman of The Claregate Trust

Thank you Daniel for your amazing help.

Your approach of emotional release really helped me the day we had our one to one session. It’s difficult to let the emotions come up when they have been suppressed for so long and I realise one session is by no way enough but I am now ready to face the problems that I feared and I am looking forward to another session some time soon!

Amazing work!
Thank you


The Emotional Release workshop in Ealing, prepared and organised by Daniel, has been of immeasurable assistance to me in discovering and practising the technique of releasing my suppressed emotions.

My journey is only in its infancy but I not only found the group meditation invaluable but also the group discussions most enlightening.

Being in the same room as other people with varying stages of knowledge, who are on the same wave length, sharing their experiences and feelings combine to confirm that I am on the right path to inner peace.

Through these meetings I feel you have revealed to me the simple truths of my mind, of my life and opened up doors I didn’t even know were there Thank you so much Daniel.

David D. of Ealing.